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Stonehill & Taylor

Futuregreen Hospitality Forum

Organized by S&T in partnership with Interior Design Magazine, Futuregreen is a one-day, intensive forum focusing on one common goal: envisioning the future of sustainable hospitality. Futuregreen provides a platform bringing together designers, brands, owners, and manufacturers with the mission of leading the hospitality industry to positively impact the environment and society. We believe strongly in improving our physical and social environment. We believe that hospitality has the potential to effect significant change in behavior and can be used as a catalyst for innovation in sustainable practices and products. While there is general will for improvement, and examples of commendable effort on an individual company or property level, current efforts fall short of an industry-wide undertaking. The right time to take bold steps to enhancing our environment and social causes is now.

“Our goal was to elevate social and environmental sustainability to the top of the hotel industry’s agenda,’” said Michael Suomi, principal and VP of interior design at hospitality design firm Stonehill & Taylor and founder of Futuregreen. “Through routine renovations, rebranding and building of new properties, hotels create a multi-billion dollar demand for manufacturing every year, allowing for great change if we influence this sector to be more sustainably-minded.”

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